Thursday, 11 March 2010

我每天難免都會犯一些大大小小的錯... Inevitably I make mistakes every day

我每天難免都會犯一些大大小小的錯. 因為我是人.
有些錯, 會被原諒; 有些錯, 假以時日, 也可能會被原諒.
有些錯, 假以時日, 證明了其實不是我的錯. 因為人的判斷也會出錯.

我很慶幸, 最終審判我的, 不是人的主流民意.

Inevitably I make mistakes every day, because I am just a human being.
Some mistakes are lucky to be forgiven; some will possibly be blessed as time goes by.
Some mistakes are lucky to be proved that is not my fault because other's misunderstanding.

In the final judgment, I am happy that I am not judged by the mainstream of public opinion.

Friday, 11 December 2009

: 梵谷是怎麼死的? How did Vincent van Gogh die?

聽完 蔣勳破解梵谷, 蔣勳告訴我們梵谷是 "用獵槍在金黃色麥田下開槍自戕, 二天後才被發現!" ...真的是自殺?還是另用其他可能性?!

  1. 梵谷是虔誠的基督徒!(今天先不討論這個大疑點)
  2. 另外,獵槍從哪兒來的? 
wikipedia 說是左輪手槍 (he walked into a field and shot himself in the chest with a revolver.) 先還是以美學大師的說法是獵槍為基準, 我們可以合理的懷疑, 梵谷的死因至少可能有三種:

(1)真的是抑鬱自殺? (但他才剛搬到一個令他心情較愉快放鬆的地方...)
(2)精神異常情況下, 撿到一隻獵槍/左輪手槍, 亂把玩中 ...就 ...意外的悲劇發生了!
(3)他殺/誤殺:當時附近的農人, 經常拿獵槍鳴槍嚇群鳥, 預防穀物被偷吃, 可能不小心射中了正在散步的梵谷,農人驚慌之餘把槍放在倒臥麥田中的梵谷...就 ...悲劇發生了!

以當時的破案技術,用一個瘋子舉槍自盡的說法, 應該是最容易結案的方式吧!

後話:: 梵谷學畫作畫生涯才十年, 前八年都是摸索與學別人的畫風,而且完全沒有受正規美術的教育, 最後的兩年生產了二千多作品, 最後的兩年才是梵谷之所以為梵谷!!!


The speech, "Van Gogh Rediscovered By Chiang Hsun"  , was a fairly impressed talk which was about rediscovering  Vincent van Gogh's life and aesthetics. However, Chiang told us that van Gogh killed himself by a hunting gun in the field, and was found two days later. Did Vincent van Gogh really commit suicide? Or, did some possibilities remain unknown to the World?

Our two suspicious points are:
  1. Van Gogh's Christian emotion (we won't discuss this here)
  2. Where did he get the hunting gun?
Wikipedia says that (he walked into a field and shot himself in the chest with a revolver.) Here we still use Chiang Hsun's interpretation that it was a hunting gun. Three possibilities of our suspicious that have been caused to van Gogh's death are:

(1) He really killed himself by depression? (however, he had just moved to a place where there made him relax and delight in a new atmosphere.)  
(2) Under the illness of disorder, he found a hunting gun in the field, picked it up, and played with it...then ...accidentally the tragedy happened!
(3) Killed by others by mistakes: The nearby farmers used to scare birds by the sound of warning shootings to protect their wheats. van Gogh might be shot by mistakes when he took a walk in the field. And the "killer" left the gun beside him and ran away...

The easy way  to close this case, during that time, probably was the same reason as we have today, that is  "a crazy man just killed himself!"